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    I usually see that I am flying in my dream. what that means. I could never figure it out

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    Hello Raj,

    Flying in dreams signifies success in every thing you do. Flying with wings pertains to success but you need help to reach that goal.

    If you can give me more detail, like who’s with you or did you see anybody down when you’re up there? or did you know where you’re going? or did you somehow see what you’re wearing or was there an unusual you carried when you were flying?

    Thank you for sharing your dreams

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    Thanks Professor for your reply. flying in dream is like very frequent to me. Sometimes I carry people while flying. But in general I fly alone. I will try to memorize each details when I see it again. since I told you that its like a frequent dream for me since long time and I fly without wings I haven’t noticed wings till now… and few times I fell down suddenly and I woke up.

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    To carry people while flying in your dream signifies generosity in spirit… you tend to help and share your blessings to others without expecting anything in return.

    Flying alone and felt lonely when you’re in the air pertains to longing for family and friends. You always wish that your family’s intact and celebrating an occasion together.

    When you clearly saw yourself fell down suddenly is different from just having the feeling of falling down. So, if you saw yourself fell down clearly, then it means that you have to be extra careful when you travel, you’re prone to accident. or try to stay away from sick people especially if you go to big crowds.
    If you just FELT that you fell, try to get checked even if you have this simple nausea or headache but recurring.
    PRAY unceasingly esp when you fell down in a dream. Share your humility when you fly to the highest. God bless, Raj!

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