Dream Interpreter by Mae Abad

Dream Interpreter

Amading Abad was the original Professor Swami in the Philippines. When he was in the hospital, May 1999, I asked him if he can get better before my birthday because I don’t want to celebrate it there. He then handed me “something” I didn’t understand and put “it” in my hand and clenched it.

Dream Interpreter

To make him happy, I put “it” inside my pocket. He passed away the 14th of May, he didn’t make it on my birthday which is the 24th. I didn’t know about my gift until my mom, Linda, had the weirdest dream, right there and then, I told her that it means that she will lose her job (that was a Monday). When Friday came, my mom was crying and told me that she will ONLY be working until the end of that month. Then I went to get my dad’s fan mails and read all of it. I just can’t believe that I can see a vivid image at the back of my mind and interpret it as if I’m watching the story of their lives. I was never interested in dream interpretations, in fact, my dad taught my brothers, Neil, Don, and Jun to help him interpret his fans’ dreams, but he NEVER tried to ask me to learn. I don’t want to brag about my gift but I have to share it, so people will understand that DREAMS have significant reasons why it exists in our lives. I couldn’t explain why I can see images of your dreams and I am just giving it as raw it can be… I give you the utmost meaning even to your most mind-boggling dreams and always remember, I DON’T GUESS!

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